What are the advantages of Database Management as-a-Service (DMaaS)?

Database Management as-a-Service

What are the Advantages?

You have a huge investment in your corporate data. Your databases are core to your ability to conduct business and damage or interruption in service could be devastating. Are you making wise investments? Should you consider database administration managed services?

What are the advantages?

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Peace of Mind:

Hiring and retaining the quality and experienced DBAs is a challenge for any organization. Having qualified database administrators to protect and manage your prized corporate asset is essential. Experienced DBAs know what proactive system maintenance is required and how to resolve critical issues. Engaging with a proven DBA managed service can help move one closer to being confident that your data is safe, available, and recoverable.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity:

We hear of data loss or nefarious organizations taking company data hostage through ransomware. Among a myriad of others, these two examples reveal the reason for good backup and recovery methods. Aside from traditional backup and recovery needs, a DMaaS will guide an organization towards other disaster recovery options to better meet the uptime during extreme data events.

Established Standard Support Best Practices:

When providing DBA-managed services, one must maintain high standards for operation. Because we have experience in many different organizations, we can bring "Best of Breed" standards to what we do. We can recognize deviations from within your organization and variations across all organizations. Because we can standardize across multiple business units, it increases the quality of what we do because of the breadth of the implemented standards.

Service Level Agreements (SLA):

All entities know what to expect when SLAs are defined. Setting and managing clear expectations benefit all involved. Data must be available, so well-known and published SLAs contribute to a more consistent and better-performing environment.

Review Meetings with Primary DBA / Account Manager:

We like to operate with the mindset of being an extension of the internal team. We establish meetings with essential internal resources to discuss important items with the customer and address any current issues or upcoming initiatives. Because of that, communication needs to be consistent.

Cost Management:

Unlike full-time employees, engaging an outside organization that provides services for a fixed cost will aid in budgeting and long-term cost containment.

Conclusion DMaaS Advantages ROI

Increased Focus on your Core Business:

Many organizations have to become proficient in areas outside their core competency. Companies have been trying to stay current with IT innovation to remain competitive. Time invested in technology shifts removes focus from other core business activities. Allowing DMaas services to maintain and monitor your data creates more space to refine and improve the activities that are the reason your company exists.

24/7/365 DB Monitoring:

Coming into work on a Monday morning or a midnight shift and having the database unavailable is frustrating, at best, or catastrophic for the business at worst. Having a quality DMaaS provider doing around-the-clock monitoring will reduce the possibility of that happening. That is peace of mind knowing that your business will be fully operational and performs at optimal levels.

Reduced workload on in-house DBAs:

We give margin to existing DBAs to enable them to better coordinate initiatives. Because we have many DBAs, we can help scale up DBA resources on-demand. DBAs become weary of the grind of production support, new development projects, and never-ending patching and maintenance. Many are just looking for a vacation without working each day. A skilled DBMaaS partner can provide this must-needed respite.

Conclusion DMaaS Advantages Blog

What are the benefits of using a DMaaS?

  • 24/7 DB monitoring
  • Single Vendor to manage multiple databases
  • Expert & Certified Resources monitoring and managing your Databases
  • Peace of mind while we manage your databases
  • Reduced support and maintenance cost
  • Reduced workload on in-house DBAs
  • Increased data protection and reduced risk of data loss
  • Proactive system maintenance and resolution of critical Issues
  • Fixed Monthly Fee

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Sean Howe

Mr. Howe has over 30 years of IT experience including system engineering, application development, and database administration. He has been a member of many teams defining and supporting mission-critical applications and business processes. This has included data warehouses for fortune 1000 organizations and production systems across all business genres. He has been an Oracle Certified professional for over 20 years and supporting and providing consulting services for relational database management systems for more than 20 years. He has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from DeVry University and has completed graduate work in Business Administration.