A case for proactive database monitoring - (DMaaS)

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A Case for Proactive Database Monitoring and Management

How important is your company's data to the operation of your organization? If you are like most, without your data, you are "dead in the water." How can you operate without access to your financial data, manufacturing data, personnel data (which includes payroll), access to vendor data, etc.? How much does it impact your operations when your database is unavailable or performing poorly? It is frustrating to go into the office only to find that the system has been down all night.

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We are surprised by the number of engagements that include the statement, "You are our last resort to recover our data." By then, system administrators, unfamiliar with the internals of databases, have already had their hand at it. Unfortunately, many times this compounds the recovery process. Databases are very finicky because they like to preserve data integrity at all costs. Imagine that (facetious). After all, if you cannot rely on your data's accuracy, it could put your business's future viability at risk. Because of these reasons, and many more, it is important to monitor your database systems and have access to skilled professionals to prevent issues and address problems when they arise.

Some of the categories when engaging professional services include:

  • Availability: are they available when you most need help? What is the process to engage the individuals I rely on for support?
  • Knowledge: are the support engineers familiar with the database technology implemented at my company? Do they know our databases?
  • Experience: do my partners have the breadth of expertise needed to support my system effectively?
  • Documented processes: do the people I rely on have documentation of my environment so they can effectively and efficiently fix my problem?

Some of the factors of the monitoring tools used:

  • Is my tool updated and maintained? Database versions and releases change. The tool of choice must be updated to take advantage of new features and continue to function.
  • Does the tool monitor everything that I need to watch?
    • Database monitoring and operating system monitoring are often tightly coupled. It is only practical to monitor the auto-growth of data files if you intersect that with disk availability on the operating system.
    • Database replication and disaster recovery features are critical for organizations; therefore, selecting a tool that covers all your critical components is essential.

At Performance One Data Solutions, our monitoring focuses on your most critical asset, your database. This laser-sharp focus will:

Diagnose and resolve performance issues with monitoring software and expert analysis.

With Performance One Monitoring, you get unrivaled performance information and advanced database monitoring to prevent costly downtime. Our monitoring provides alerts and notifications, real-time and historical diagnostics and reporting, and unmatched analytics of collected data. We take database monitoring to the next level.

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Proactively diagnose and resolve database performance issues.

It's hard to keep up when you're managing increasingly complex database environments, both on-premises and in the cloud. Performance One monitoring gets the necessary information to improve availability, security, and tuning. We proactively manage the health and performance of your critical databases, quickly resolving issues before end users could be affected.

Performance One cross-platform database monitoring allows us to proactively improve database performance and increase visibility by monitoring all your diverse databases centrally through a single console. With alerting, diagnostics, performance analytics, and more, Performance One will help optimize database health – across your entire environment.

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Performance One Monitoring Features Include:

Global view

Gain increased visibility for more effective database monitoring. See critical issues across platforms and act.

Built-in intelligence

Understand enterprise health and activity immediately using monitoring software. Get pop-up advice with correlated workflows.

Adaptive baselines

Use monitoring tools to set and receive alerts when activity deviates from normal metrics.

Rich historical data

Resolve issues through diagnostics and alarm data from any drill-down screen.

Drag-and-drop reporting

Use the data collected to develop customized views and reports.

SQL workload analytics

Investigate workload by drilling into data on users, programs, SQL, and sessions.

Historical lock analysis

Resolve concurrency issues with historical reviews of blocking-lock scenarios.

Automated change tracking

See server, instance, database, schema environment changes, and SQL degradations.

Reduce mean time to resolution.

With Query Insights, you can easily narrow the scope of analysis and quickly pinpoint queries causing issues.

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Mr. Howe has over 30 years of IT experience including system engineering, application development, and database administration. He has been a member of many teams defining and supporting mission-critical applications and business processes. This has included data warehouses for fortune 1000 organizations and production systems across all business genres. He has been an Oracle Certified professional for over 20 years and supporting and providing consulting services for relational database management systems for more than 20 years. He has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from DeVry University and has completed graduate work in Business Administration.